Bernie Haffey


I have worked with Bernie Haffey as an executive and as a management consultant for 20 years and can say, without reservation, that his approach and management system contributed significantly to the successful outcomes at Summit Technology, Intralase Corp and ev3 as well as to our current performance at Wright Medical. I recommend Bernie and his firm to any organization seeking world-class performance.

Robert J. Palmisano, Chairman & CEO | Priveterra Acquisition Corp.

Why are some executives, coaches, leaders successful time after time?  Why do some leaders seem to come out on top regardless of personnel, market, or environmental factors beyond their control?  Bernie Haffey unlocks the complexity of high performance by teaching what these great leaders know.  I strongly encourage any leader of any organization to invest the time to learn more about Haffey’s High Performance Management System.

J. Andy Corley | Flying L Ventures

Our team first deployed the HPMS system with Bernie’s guidancein 2011 at Spectranetics. The clarity and alignment that the process drove yielded world class WTR from teammates and customers, and shareholder value went from ~$170m to $2.2b in six years. I strongly recommend Bernie and HPMS!

Scott Drake, CEO | ViewRay

HPMS is the best process I have found in my career that enables an organization to gain alignment and focus on what matters most and as a result, productivity soars.

Tom Frinzi, Worldwide President | Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision

Haffey & Co have been a part of the Avanos story from day one. We feel Bernie and Lewis are part of our team. The HPMS process allows for rapid strategy deployment, superior execution, and constant breakthrough solving for root cause in all aspects of our business. In the end, this accelerates value creation while focusing on customers, employees, and shareholders.

Joe Woody, CEO | Avanos Medical, Inc.