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HPMS is a proven set of business processes that, when executed with excellence, will take your organization to world-class levels of customer, employee and financial performance.

HPMS aligns your organization’s people, resources and processes to your strategy and key strategic priorities, as defined as the Vital Few. The Vital Few and the process overall are driven by four primary inputs:

Voice of Customer
Voice of Employee
Voice of Shareholder

The Vital Few are identified and selected through expert facilitation during HPMS process adoption. Once selected, they are visibly displayed and understood by all in the organization.

What sets HPMS apart from other strategy models is the direct link between the Vital Few strategy elements and execution through our proven Breakthrough Process™, which leverages proven quality principles and practices. These are the same principles that propelled Toyota Motor Corporation to the #1 market position in automobiles, and that Alan Mulally utilized in the recent turnaround at Ford Motor Company.

The Vital Few are surrounded by fundamental best practices, crafted and selected through expert facilitation:

A concise, memorable, and aspirational Vision Statement that guides decisions and actions.
A concise and memorable Mission Statement that clearly states what the organization does, for whom, how and why.
A set of Transformational Values that describe the behaviors and culture needed to achieve your vision.

All of these elements are organized into our proprietary Success Tree™, or “strategy on a page”.

HPMS is an all-encompassing process for strategy development and execution that starts in the Board Room and continues through every function, department and individual in the organization. It is ideally suited to newly appointed leaders or leaders of existing organizations who desire transformational change.

HPMS is not about catchy jargon, slogans or ideas. Rather HPMS is a method to focus the entire business on a common path, provide clarity to what is most vital to the organization’s success, communicate in a common language, and solve problems effectively.

Please contact us to learn more about HPMS and how Haffey&Co. can help transform your organization.

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